Water Garden Sized Goldfish
Water Garden Sized Goldfish

Water Garden Sized Goldfish

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USGS entry (more then you ever wanted to know)
Fishbase entry
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Goldfish and carp are very similar.  They are hardy, pretty, and usually long lived.

Good choice for aquariums because they are pretty civilized.

You might want to know category:

There is a "top 10 list" of killer disease of wildlife, +/- humans in the world.  On the list is Spring Viremia of Carp Virus (SVCV) which more knowledgeable aquaculture professionals are aware of.  This is a potential desimator of closely housed populations of goldfish and carp costing $$$$$
Good news, 
  • Mugshots are in file
  • The entire genome has been sequenced
  • There will soon be a very high tech oral vaccine
I have the reference links if you have an interest.